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Active and Adaptive Materials
October 22nd and 23rd 2015, ASRC


Thursday October 22nd

Poster set-up
9:30-9:45Welcome and Opening Comments
Rein V. Ulijn
9:45-10:30Bio-Inspired Supramolecular Materials
Samuel I. Stupp
Northwestern University
10:30-11:00Out-of-equilibrium BIOMIMETIC Systems by Dynamic and Dissipative Self-assembly
Jan Van Esch
Delft University of Technology
11:00-11:30Coffee Break
11:30-12:00Random Organization, Hyperuniformity and Photonic Bandgaps
Paul Chaikin
New York University
12:00-12:20A Supramolecular Shield to Overcome Aβ42 Toxicity
Silvia Sonzini
University of Cambridge
12:20-12:40On Probing Molecular Conformation of Microtubules by Second-Harmonic Generation
Hyungsik Lim
Hunter College
12:40-1:00Catalytic Shakers and Swimmers: Control of Vesicle Membrane Permeability and Chemotaxis of "Matchstick" Colloids
Corinna Preuss
The University of Warwick
Poster Presentations
2:10-2:55Can Chemistry go MENTAL*?
Lee Cronin
University of Glasgow
2:55-3:15Enzymatic Synthesis of Size Controlled, Water Soluble Quantum Dots
Bryan Berger
Lehigh University
3:15-3:45Geometrical Basis for Symmetry Breaking and Multi-functionality
Stoyan Smoukov
University of Cambridge
4:15-4:30Transient Peptide Nanostructures
Charalampos Pappas
University of Strathclyde & CUNY Advanced Science Research Center
4:30-5:00Engineering With Biomolecular Motors
Henry Hess
Columbia University
5:00-5:30Dual-phase Evolution and the Emergence of Materials Genomes
David G. Lynn
Emory University
5:30-7:30Reception with Poster Presentations
7:30-8:30The Evolutionary Genesis Engine
An Evening with Lee Cronin

Friday October 23rd

9:15-9:45Elasticity and Friction of 1D and 2D Systems: from DNA to Graphene
Elisa Riedo
CUNY Advanced Science Research Center & CCNY
9:45-10:15Time-Programmed Self-Assemblies and Dynamic Materials
Andreas Walther
Aachen University
10:15-10:35Light-emitting Self-assembled Peptide Nucleic Acids Exhibit Both Stacking Interactions and Watson-Crick Base Pairing
Or Berger
Tel Aviv University
10:35-10:55Quantifying Signal Propagation and Conformational Changes in Allosteric Proteins
Vanessa Ortiz
Columbia University
10:55-11:15Active Colloids via Controlled Dewetting
Stefano Sacanna
New York University
11:15-11:45Coffee Break
11:45-12:15Seek, Destroy and Heal: Enzyme-Responsive Nanoparticles as In Vivo Targeted Delivery Systems
Nathan Gianneschi
UC San Diego
12:15-12:45Correlated Structure and Photophysics in Supramolecular Polymer Films
Adam Braunschweig
University of Miami
12:45-1:00Closing Remarks
Rein Ulijn

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Grant funding provided by Army Research Office
Sponsor: Army Research Office