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CUNY Advanced Science Research Center
85 St Nicholas Terrace,
New York, NY 10031
June 23rd and 24th 2016

Nanoscience has fast become a leading area of scientific research and breakthroughs with applications ranging from medicine to technologies. This event is one in a series hosted by the ASRC to inspire both current researchers and the next generation of academics, to address the next great societal challenges currently unsolved.

There are a number of possible ways that you can sponsor our event, and in return your company will receive free publicity from our event, a full delegate list, and access to leading nanoscientists and their research groups. Please see below for a full opportunities available to you.

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are a number of different sponsorship open:

GoldTrade Stand in prominent location*
Prominent listing in all event publications
Free distribution of Literature amongst delegates
Unlimited promotional material in delegate packs
Registration of up to three company delegates
SilverProminent listing in all event publications
Three Letter Sized publications included in delegate packs
Registration of up to two company delegates
BronzeListing of company in all event publications
Registration of up to one delegate
One Letter Sized publication included in delegate packs
Poster PrizeListing of company in all event publications
Registration of delegate
Judge and present poster prize
Trade Stands* Located in reception area
Registration of a single delegate
Literature Insert One Letter Sized publication included in delegate packs
Additional pieces available at extra cost

Please note that costs vary per event. These sponsorship prices are specific to this event.

All sponsors will receive a full delegate list and will have their logo with hyperlink added to the website. Their logos will also be added to our event program.

We would be happy to tailor sponsorship packages to your needs. Please Katherine Martes to begin any discussions.

We are also happy to discuss any other sponsorship routes you have in mind, for example, sponsoring one of the receptions, which we would be happy to discuss with you at any time. Please contact Katherine Martes for further information and costings.

*A limited number of trade stands will be available please. These will be delegated on a first come, first serve basis.

How to Sponsor

Please pick a sponsorship package that would be most suitable for you. Please make out a check to "The Research Foundation of CUNY" and post to:

Katherine Martes
Re: Nanoscience NY
The City University of New York
Advanced Science Research Center
New York
NY 10031.

Please remember to discuss with Katherine Martes in advance to ensure that we can accommodate all your requests and have your company logo and hyperlinks added to our website at the earliest available opportunity.

We hope this will be a truly memorable event for all involved!

Sponsor: Biogelx Sponsor: Hunter College Sponsor: Fisher Scientific Sponsor: ACS Biomaterials Sponsor: Gilson Sponsor: Eppendorf Sponsor: ThermoFisher Sponsor: Chem by Cell Press Sponsor: Practichem